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It’s important to travel.. they say.

They say travel and see new places. But I don’t like travelling because I get nervous 😬 .. I always think I need to poop

Registration APP

I’m always looking for shortcuts (in life). 

So you are telling me that you are lazy? Uhmm yes? haha. I don’t like doing extra work or double work. Please don’t use my idea to create a registration app haha. But do contact me if you need this and you are a developer or an investor.


Every thing is better in dark mode. Right?

I hate it when apps don’t have a good dark mode. So I decided to make my own dark version of my banking app.


Apple has a super clean design system. Just love it!

I always dream of buying new stuff for ages. Overthink everything! For my iWatch it wasn’t any different. 


I always have music on the background. It keeps me focused on my work. 

It has a simple function. PLAY .. MUSIC. Thats it.. for now Download Smirk Face Emoji face [Iphone IOS Emojis in PNG] 

Travel App

AGAIN?? Yes. I really don’t like to travel but it is good for the mind. Keeps you creative and open minded.

I want to show you a little break down how to make simple working prototypes to get stakeholder on board. And get that budget or go for your project. (yes, I always bring my laptop Download Heart Eyes Emoji [Free Iphone Emoji Images in PNG])



If you like to connect, please do! Because I love to hear from you. Just hi is okay! I’ll bring some food or my laptop. You can always call me on +316 14802802 (or text me via whatsapp) or just drop your info down here… Free emoji icon download